Dick Buchanan:


I was psychic as a kid growing up in Philadelphia, PA (where all psychics are born). I grew up in a western middle class household where no one knew what I was talking about i.e. auras, reincarnation( aka past lifetimes). So I went to school and turned off my psychic ability at age 6 until I was 32 years of age at which time I could handle it, and it returned when I had a spiritual contact in 1978 at the age of 32.


I have used my psychic ability to assist law enforcement agencies and to help find missing persons. I feel that we create our own future as we go, and so we need to take responsibility in correcting our own mistakes ourselves, or suffer because of them. Many changes are coming in the near future that will cause us to live very differently than we have at any other time in our lives. I enjoy what I do. I do feel everyone has psychic ability it just needs to be utilized. Most people relate to me quite well, because I grew up as a normal American kid who wasn't weird, and was a good athlete, student, and Comedian-prankster all rapped up in one.



Dick was chosen as a psychic(soothsayer) in Renaissance terminology 16th century England for the Sterling Renaissance festival in Sterling,NY.This prestigious honor was bestowed upon Dick in the year of our Lord 1568, as Dick was knighted by the Queen Elizabeth of England for metorious service in battle of Langside and has hearby been given the title Sir Richard.





Renaissance festival Sterling,NY summer 2011

Lady Rose,Sir Richard,Lady Anye

Tinkerbell does exist!


My crystal ball


My little friend Chris

My fellow gypsies,,psychics,and soothsayers

Sir Paul,Sir Richard,Lady Penelope,Lady Raven LeFey