Personal Psychic Readings



Personal Psychic readings are a wonderful way to really get in touch with yourself. They allow you to explore your current relationships and give you insight into your past, present, and future. Please feel free to bring in pictures of people, places for your personal psychic reading if you would like. You will also receive a personal aura reading along with your psychic reading.


The cost is $60.00 for a half hour and $100.00 for an hour.


A CD recording of your reading is available for $10.00.


All personal psychic readings are by appointment only.


Psychic telephone readings are available with Dick. Call me at the office (607)732-7500 and schedule a convenient time for a psychic reading.You may schedule in advance and pay by check, Click here to pay with PayPal or credit card(master card,visa,or discover cards accepted).

The cost for a telephone readings are -


$75.00 for 30 minutes
$120.00 for 45 Minutes
$165.00 for one hour

E-Mail Readings:


Many times we have a simple question we need insite on. We've decided to ad this feature for our clients who are busy with everyday life. Time can be a key factor in making phone appointments, or in office readings. Contact Dick for email readings.

Click on the Paypal link to pre-pay for your reading, then email your question to us! You will receive your answers in 24 hours.


Click here to E-Mail your question(s) to Dick

One question $25.00
Two questions $50.00
Three questions $75.00