Personal Hypnosis Session

Is personal hypnosis the answer for you?


Consider a personal hypnosis session if the following are particular concern for you.

  • stop smoking
  • weight loss
  • self discipline
  • learning acceleration
  • self esteem
  • eliminate stress
  • be assertive accomplish your goal fears / phobias

You alone have the power to change any aspect of your life. Let Dick Buchanan master hypnotherapist, guide you to a more fulfilling life. With a hypnosis session you will receive a personal CD with a session to help you maintain your new life-style change. This CD allows you to continue your hypnosis programming in the privacy of your own home.


Dick is registered with the American Association of Professional hypnotherapists, and is certified as a hypnotherapist by the American Council of Hypnotherapist Examiners.


The cost for hypnosis is: $100.00 Custom hypnosis CD: $130.00.


Past Life Regression

With a Past Life Regression you will experience regressive hypnosis.You will also receive a personal tape of your past life regression session.

  • Have you ever met someone and immediately felt as if you had known that person your entire life?


  • Have you ever visited a strange place and felt as if you had been there before?


  • Are you inexplicably drawn to a certain time periods and places?


  • Ever wonder why certain talents just come naturally to you?
If you answered YES to any of these questions and may want to explore the answers with a Past Life Regression.
  • UNCOVER the origin of your current fears and personal hang-ups and gain personal relief from them.

  • FIND OUT if you have shared a previous lifetime with your mate or significant other, children, relatives, friends, and even your adversaries.

  • UNDERSTAND the reasons that you have "chosen" certain relationships for yourself in this lifetime. Discover your true purpose in this life.

  • RECALL skills that you had mastered in other lifetimes and rediscover talents that will bring greater creativity to your present life.

  • EXPAND your awareness, sharpen your senses and lay a solid foundation for your personal success, happiness, and fulfillment in this life. All this and much, much more..


The cost for a past life regression is $150 and is scheduled by appointment only.



Weight loss hypnosis sessions: Week one $130.00 Second week $85.00 third session $85.00 With weight loss hypnosis, we have our clients come in for one start up visit, then two weeks later a follow up session, and lastly, 3 to 6 weeks later a maintain your weight session.


Smoking: $100.00 for the first visit, $85.00 for any follow up visits.